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GDS Transnational - Bitdefender Cloud SecurityBusiness mobility management with FAMOC™

Mobile Device Management Solutions

Manage smartphones and tablets

Manage smartphones and tablets

As smartphone usage continues to grow at pace, the industry is responding by providing an ever more complex variety of applications and functionality. For companies around the world mobile device management is no longer a luxury. As businesses strive to cope with the tremendous surge in mobile device and application usage, it has become essential to implement systems to improve real time administration, helpdesk, and security support.

For example, with the increasing need for IT compliance and security, unprotected mobile devices are no longer acceptable. Organizations are being forced to introduce parameters to manage personal smartphones in the working environment as well as the mobile applications that employees download and use. In short, corporate and personal mobile devices need to be integrated into the company’s IT management and helpdesk solution, and costs need to be managed. Failure to do so results in security and compliance issues, unnecessary operational expenditure and productivity leakage.

Business mobility management with FAMOC

With web access to a secure domain, FAMOC (FancyFon Mobility Center) ensures that managing mobile devices remotely becomes quick, easy and error free; which also means that an organization’s smartphone phone fleet is always working efficiently. FAMOC’s intuitive real time reporting capability provides actionable intelligence, empowering organizations to improve processes within the business and make unprecedented cost savings.

FancyFon Mobility Center

Seamless over-the-air provisioning

FAMOC allows businesses to set up any number of devices with the necessary software, and configure employee connections, without the need for a physical presence.

Effective security policy enforcement

FAMOC security management ensures an unparalleled level of security support across multiple platforms, managed centrally, over the air, empowering IT administrators to easily address all the new challenges of enterprise mobility management.

Parameter monitoring

FAMOC detects, stores and reports on a mobile device fleet, no matter how large or disparate, giving a real time view into connectivity status, ongoing application performance, critical parameter monitoring and corporate policy enforcement.

Remote end-user support

FAMOC puts full control in the hands of the administration team, minimizing end-user effort, making mobile workers more productive, providing constant access to information, and increasing overall speed of business.

Device and data clean-up

If a mobile device is lost or stolen, FAMOC can remove all applications and sensitive data, over the air, to prevent any security breaches. Upon employee departure, the administrator can select and wipe only the sensitive corporate data.

Choose FAMOC to get all these advantages in a single solution

  • Flexible deployment options (onsite/SaaS)
  • Seamless integration with internal infrastructure
  • Single point of control over mobile assets
  • Multi-OS support and multi-server management
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Scalability
  • Robust management capabilities that suit your specific requirement
  • Effective security policy enforcement and monitoring
  • Instant troubleshooting reducing device downtime
  • Reduction of overall support time and costs

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System Requirements

  • Cloud deployment
  • On-site deployment
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Data import support
  • Directory Services (Open LDAP, Active Directory)
  • External server integration BES 4.x, BES 5.x, Lotus Domino, Exchange, SNMP
  • Web Services API
  • Scalability
  • Smartfones and tablets

Operating Systems


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