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Anti-Virus Protection and Data Security for Business

Bitdefender Cloud Security

Bitdefender Cloud Security

Bitdefender Cloud Security for Endpoints protects business systems with centralized policy-based control and real-time visibility into their security status - features that are expected of enterprise security solutions - but does not require onsite server hardware or maintenance as it is managed by the hosted Bitdefender management console.

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Bitdefender GravityZone

Bitdefender GravityZone

Bitdefender GravityZone is the first security management solution to properly address the scalability and performance challenges that businesses and enterprises are facing today. Built from the ground up for heterogeneous environments, and using a unique design approach, GravityZone unifies control for virtualized, physical, and mobile endpoints.

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G Data

G Data Business Solutions

G Data Business Solutions are specifically designed for organizations that outsource email management to 3rd party service providers. This product line offers the world's best protection against all types of virus and malware threats.

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G Data

G Data Enterprise Solutions

G Data Enterprise Solutions are specifically designed for organizations that employ in-house email management and workstation back-up. This level of protection is a vital component of any small, medium, or large organization's cyber security strategy.

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Email & Web Security

PineApp for Small / Medium Business

Industry leading email security, web security, transparent outbound spam protection archiving and hosted management services. PineApp can be deployed as a PineApp appliance, software installed on local hardware or on a virtualized platform.

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PineApp for Service Providers

As a Service Provider, you constantly face increased demands from your subscribers and the competitive landscape is ever-growing. You are constantly on the lookout for value-added solutions and features that you can offer your client base. Look to PineApp to provide technologies which increase revenue potential, require little or no capitalization, and offer future opportunities for service expansion.

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Anti-Theft Protection



Theft recovery and protection for your devices from GadgetTrak. GadgetTrak offers the most advanced positioning technology available today and uses GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular to locate and track your devices. Remotely back up your data to your personal cloud account with secure encryption technology..

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Real-time device tracking and strong defenses against data theft. This cloud-based solution enables IT administrators to track, encrypt and disable computers that are lost or stolen, ensuring sensitive data doesn't get into the wrong hands.

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Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions

GDS Controls

ICS / SCADA Security including gateway systems, monitoring & protection. Security gateways and strategically-placed monitors secure and manage both internal and external industrial control communications and are armed with the technology to provide real-time packet analysis, machine-to-machine communications monitoring, device management and essential reports.

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GDS Transnational - Bitdefender Cloud SecurityHome Security


Steganos offers a full range of advanced applications providing the ultimate in security and protection for your identity, online privacy and data - including an advanced steganography application (software that allows you to hide data in pictures and sound files) and advanced encryption software with AES technology (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Steganos Privacy Suite

  • Anonymously browse the internet and protect your privacy.
  • Gain uncensored access to websites that are blocked in your country.
  • Access all of your favorite websites when traveling abroad.
  • Create, protect and manage secure passwords.
  • Hide and protect your sensitive data.
  • Protect your internet environment when connected to public hotspots and unknown networks.
  • Privacy and security solutions for all devices.

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G Data

  • G Data TotalSecurity is a complete solution for all home or small home office environments. The intuitive user interface makes setting your own custom protection levels an easy task. Core elements, such as a firewall, anti-Spam and antivirus (with an industry-leading 99.9% detection rate) will keep your system safe,
  • G Data InternetSecurity is the security solution for you if your time online involves a lot of interaction - such as gaming, chat or online services. Speed and strength of security are combined to provide a performance that's second to none in terms of protection levels and the use of system resources.
  • G Data AntiVirus provides world-class protection against viruses and malware to protect your personal details, your computer system and your files. You can perform all of your regular online activities, such as chat, web browsing or shopping in confidence and BankGuard technology ensures any important transactions are safe and secure.
  • G Data MobileSecurity 2 protects you against viruses, malicious Apps and other threats you may come across while operating your device. It also protects you if your device is lost or stolen. You can locate and possibly recover a lost device, or delete all your personal data remotely if the device is stolen.

G Data - Now with CloseGap Technology to automatically detect and close security holes quickly and effectively.

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